Tuesday, January 1, 2008

National Day of Human Trafficking Awareness

The U.S. Congress has designated Jan. 11 as the National Day of Human Trafficking Awareness, and many of our fellow abolitionists are planning events to help raise awareness of the issue.

Some are holding press conferences. One group obtained space on buses for public service posters about human trafficking. Some groups are holding training sessions, candlelight vigils or exhibits of art created by trafficking survivors.

Let’s do all we can to raise awareness. The traffickers have been able to hide in the dark for too long; the more people learn about this issue, the more our ranks will grow as we seek to rescue and restore victims, prosecute traffickers and finally abolish slavery forever.


Garrett Worley said...

I think you're absolutely right about the issue of raising awareness. The mere concept of human trafficking is repugnant to the overwhelming majority of people, but modern slavery has often gone unnoticed because it appears as a consensual employer-employee relationship to those who do not look deeper. The danger is that the same deceptions the slaveholders use to psychologically manipulate the enslaved may blind the public to the most important civil rights and human rights issue of our time.

Bob said...

Thanks for your comment, Garrett. Hey, I just checked out your blog at http://antislavery.blogspot.com/
Great stuff! I'll put a link here on my blog.